Happy 2nd Birthday, “Petite Patissiere”!

I’ve been so consumed by what’s been happening in my life that I’ve completely forgotten to do a celebratory blog post for my website’s 2nd anniversary! (Not that it is crucial but I do like celebrations.)

I’ve been on a blogging hiatus for the month of May, it was an unplanned one but I decided to just let it flow. Some things happened in my life which distracted me from baking on the weekends but it is all good now! 

The “tart” pictured above marks my return in baking on my days off and I’m happy to say that it feels great.

What I can say for now is that you really do have to do the things you truly enjoy to be able to feel motivated and happy about yourself everyday. That’s not to say it solves all the problems. Sometimes courage and timing both need to coincide to enable things to happen and passion definitely makes it slightly easier. 

Happy belated Birthday, PetitePatissiere.com. Thank you for being a great platform for me to share my thoughts and ideas. Thank you for helping me meet one of my closest friends through blogging. 

As for all of you who are reading, thanks for all your support for the past two years! I apologise for my on & off hiatus but sometimes unpredictable things happen in life so I am grateful for your continuous readership! 

I have grown and changed together with my website and I’m looking forward to what the future holds for the both of us. Sounds so cheesy but it is true. 



Making: Almost There Triple Caramel Tart

You know the thing with baking? It can take you anywhere.

It always starts with an idea, and then it plays out and you never know where it’ll take you until you’ve completed the whole product. This isn’t always the case since baking is a science and everything happens according to plan if you follow a recipe, but if you’re creating something as you go, then it is interesting to see where an idea can take you.


A couple of Sundays ago, I had an idea in mind – I wanted to make a tart. I didn’t know exactly what tart to make but I knew I wanted to make a tart for sure. I played with the idea of making a raspberry chocolate tart because that is a flavour combination that I was familiar with and also had the ingredients for, but as the day went by, my ideas changed and this “Almost There Triple Caramel Tart” was born.

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Making: Quick (Lazy) Apple Tart

You know the thing with Friday nights? It’s usually the last working day of the week. Now, I really enjoy my job but I always feel liberated when I walk out of the doors of my workplace because I’m always excited to be able to do what I want to do, at my own pace, for 2 whole days! Yes, there are the boring daily chores as well but… Friday night! Weekend! I have really come to appreciate the weekend ever since I started work about a year ago because it usually means home baking time! (No partying for me)

apple tart 8

A couple of Fridays ago, I came home and I felt really energetic, which is unusual because I’m usually exhausted after a long day of standing and running around at work. I wanted to bake something really badly but it was late and I didn’t want to stay up too much. So again, I had a look around my kitchen and just made do with whatever ingredients I had on hand to make something really simple.

Frozen puff pastry, apples, eggs, almond flour, sugar, butter… done!

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Making: Variations to the original chiffon cake

I love a good chiffon cake – light, fluffy and yummy. They’re not hard to make once you master the basics of whipping the egg whites to the right consistency, folding it in properly and then ensuring your oven temperature is correct.

A few months ago I posted my trial of a Gula Melaka chiffon cake recipe that I found online but I commented that it didn’t turn out as well as I expected it to be. After making a few more chiffon cakes after that, I feel that it isn’t my skill that was the problem, I think that perhaps the recipe did actually need a lift from baking powder due to the heavy nature of some of the ingredients (coconut milk & gula melaka).

lemon chiffon cake 2

Since then, I’ve tried out a vanilla chiffon cake, a lemon chiffon cake and an Earl Grey chiffon cake and I would like to share the simple ways you could try to modify a basic chiffon cake recipe!

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Making: Dark Chocolate Eclairs with Cocoa Streusel

“What would you like for dessert?” I asked my Boyfriend.

“Eclair!” He replied.

So eclair it was! I haven’t had much luck in perfecting pate a choux, every batch seems to look different but I was determined to get this right!

I vaguely remember the textures of the choux paste to look out for in both Eclairs and choux puffs. One is softer than the other. So with this vague memory that I retained from class two years ago, I decided to venture into the eclair territory this week to test my skills (and luck) in making pate a choux!


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Making: Cinnamon Rolls

The day I decided to make cinnamon rolls was the day my apartment was filled with the beautiful aroma of cinnamon. It was perfect. I love the smell of cinnamon and cinnamon rolls make me happy. The soft but crusty roll, paired with sweet buttery cinnamon sugar filling is just perfect.

I have always been a cake girl and never dared to venture out to the bread territory because that’s just an area that I am not familiar with, at all! Proofing, yeast, kneading – these terms are all so new to me and I just wasn’t trained in bread making. However, at work recently I was exposed to making bread dough, danish dough and croissant dough that it really sparked my interest in making bread.

Bread making is quite fascinating. It is definitely not easy because you need to learn the technique of dough reading. Different doughs require you to knead them to a certain gluten level and I’m still quite new to this. That being said, cinnamon rolls are quite easy to make!


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Making: The day I tried Making (cheat) Mille Feuille 

Baking on the weekends is one of the things I enjoy and look forward to every week. Making something makes me happy and I love photographing those treats and finally devouring the pastries I end up making every week.

Work has been very busy lately and it has left me feeling uninspired with my own baking at home. Usually I will have something planned already mid week but not this week. Feeling a little frustrated with myself, I looked through my fridge and freezer for some ideas and saw that I still have a packet of frozen puff pastry!

Frozen puff pastries are extremely easy to work with and can come very handy when you’re feeling a little lazy, or uninspired – like me, today. So I thought, why not make a (cheat) Mille Feuille?

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Making: Last Minute Fruit Tarts

So I really enjoy shopping, any type of shopping excites me and I go crazy if I am in the mood to spend money. The easiest things for me to buy are fruits and snacks. They’re just so easy to grab and go. The colours are usually enticing, flavours exciting and most importantly, if they’re fruits, they are healthy too.

I get shopping crazy sometimes and end up with punnet of fruits in the fridge gone uneaten for days. There’s only so much fruits you can eat without getting sick of them and sometimes, the busy lifestyle gets the better of me and I forget these healthy snacks that are in my fridge.

This weekend, when I opened my fridge I “discovered” week old raspberries and blueberries. They looked very inviting but also expiring, I didn’t want to eat them on their own and didn’t have any yoghurt to go with, so I thought why not whip up some quick sweet pastry tart shells to transform these beauties into tarts!


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Happy Birthday to Me!

So I turned 25 last Friday! To celebrate the occasion, the boyfriend took me out to a nice Japanese restaurant and I made an entremet for myself as a birthday cake! It is no secret that I love Pierre Herme’s Ispahan for its lovely combination of lychee, rose and raspberry so naturally, that was what I attempted making as my birthday cake.

Although I like the flavour combination of Ispahan, I didn’t want to exactly recreate the macaron gateaux itself because I wanted to play around with the flavours and make it into a cake. So I scrambled through my recipe books and decided on the cream, mousse, jelly and sponge combination that I liked and went straight into it!


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Making: Strawberry Swiss Rolls

Swiss rolls are one of those things that I ate a lot while growing up and it’s something that I really love eating. When done right, the cake is soft and the filling is deliciously sweet and light. I have never made swiss rolls before but I do know that it is one of the pre-requisites before you can become a qualified pastry chef. As an aspiring patissiere, of course I had to attempt a swiss roll!

After searching online for recipes that I could use, I decided to use the sponge recipe by Ochikeron because it looked really soft and moist and her rolled cake looked good. Also, following my success in making her Japanese strawberry short cake, I knew her recipes are ones that I could trust.


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