Hush… Hush… 


I don’t really have much to share today besides the following lessons that I’ve learned in the past few week: 

  1. Look forward – what “has happened” is in the past. Dwelling on it will not make you better, looking forward and making changes, will. 
  2. Respect yourself – don’t let your emotions affect your work. If you turn up, you need to respect the job & yourself and give it your best. 
  3. Be passionate the right way – it’s not about being stubborn, it’s about the perseverance to make things right. 

That’s all I have for today and I think these 3 points are enough for me to digest for now. 🙂 

I will come back with some baking related posts when I feel better. Have a great week ahead, everyone! 


Life 101: What Helped Me at My Lowest Point

You may or may not know this, but from personal experience, I know that there are better days even when you’re depressed. When I was sick, there were a few troughs during that period. I wasn’t down for the entire year but there were periods of time where it was worse than the others. During those periods, it was extremely difficult for me to do anything or maintain a positive outlook on life. It wasn’t until I was constantly pushed (in a good way) by my boyfriend and family to be positive that I started to get better.

In my case, my depression was mostly caused by the stress built up throughout my entire life leading up to the breaking point. It was due to a combination of pressure placed on myself by myself and others. In the end, I completely lost confidence in everything I did, even in things that I was good at – for example, studying.

Looking back, I feel that what helped me a lot was this piece of paper.



This isn’t any ordinary piece of paper, it was something that I found difficult to even write down at the time. My dad found an article in a Malaysian Chinese newspaper back around April/May 2014 on this matter, and the content of this piece of paper pretty much sums up the main points of the article. (At the time of writing, I could no longer find the article where these statements were from – I apologise for not being able to link you to it).

With the help of my family and boyfriend, finally I came to realise the importance of these 3 statements.

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