Time to stop overthinking too much

I have this tendency of overthinking.

It is very much under control these days and I don’t go crazy anymore (haha), but it is inevitable to have doubts, fears and uncertainty. 

I guess I can say that I’m constantly discovering and rediscovering myself. Like I mentioned before, I like planning & routine. However, life does not happen according to any rigid plans. 

There are moments where I am more conscious about myself than other days – my mind is clearer, my work is better, and I am happier. 

However, when life gets overwhelming, I lose track of what I learnt, momentarily, struggle a little, try too hard to normalise things, and then I get a little upset with myself. 

It is then that I need to always remember to breathe, step back and re-prioritise. This is when yoga comes in for me. The practice really helps clear my mind and I wish I have more time to go more often. 

I shouldtrust my instincts and just do it sometimes… Otherwise I’ll never know what the outcome will be. This applies even more when I’m scared because it means that I’m learning and stepping out of my comfort zone!

Anyway – this post is just yet another reminder for myself to really live properly and not be clouded by the impurities that can come with all the adventures and challenges in life.