Hush… Hush… 


I don’t really have much to share today besides the following lessons that I’ve learned in the past few week: 

  1. Look forward – what “has happened” is in the past. Dwelling on it will not make you better, looking forward and making changes, will. 
  2. Respect yourself – don’t let your emotions affect your work. If you turn up, you need to respect the job & yourself and give it your best. 
  3. Be passionate the right way – it’s not about being stubborn, it’s about the perseverance to make things right. 

That’s all I have for today and I think these 3 points are enough for me to digest for now. 🙂 

I will come back with some baking related posts when I feel better. Have a great week ahead, everyone! 


Standing up against my own thoughts 

I know I write a lot on how to stay positive and the importance of it but there are days where I feel like I can no longer keep my head up high and stay positive. It’s not that something has happened in my life but sometimes, it’s just too difficult to fight against the negative thoughts that linger in my head. 

“I’m not good enough!”

“I don’t have the skill!”

“I don’t know what to do!”

“I’m not the right person!”

made shiny chocolates after many doubts

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Life 101: “Anything can happen, at any time!” 

“Anything can happen, at any time… What do I do now? Should I be doing this to avoid that?” 

The quote in the title may seem blatantly obvious to you about how life works, but at a point in 2014, this was my mindset and it really affected me negatively. I felt so uneasy and paranoid that I just couldn’t live properly. In one of my sessions with my psychiatrist back then, I shared it with her and she said to me, “yes, May Ling, that is true”, but there are different ways to look at that phrase. 

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