Happy 2nd Birthday, “Petite Patissiere”!

I’ve been so consumed by what’s been happening in my life that I’ve completely forgotten to do a celebratory blog post for my website’s 2nd anniversary! (Not that it is crucial but I do like celebrations.)

I’ve been on a blogging hiatus for the month of May, it was an unplanned one but I decided to just let it flow. Some things happened in my life which distracted me from baking on the weekends but it is all good now! 

The “tart” pictured above marks my return in baking on my days off and I’m happy to say that it feels great.

What I can say for now is that you really do have to do the things you truly enjoy to be able to feel motivated and happy about yourself everyday. That’s not to say it solves all the problems. Sometimes courage and timing both need to coincide to enable things to happen and passion definitely makes it slightly easier. 

Happy belated Birthday, PetitePatissiere.com. Thank you for being a great platform for me to share my thoughts and ideas. Thank you for helping me meet one of my closest friends through blogging. 

As for all of you who are reading, thanks for all your support for the past two years! I apologise for my on & off hiatus but sometimes unpredictable things happen in life so I am grateful for your continuous readership! 

I have grown and changed together with my website and I’m looking forward to what the future holds for the both of us. Sounds so cheesy but it is true. 



Making: Last Minute Fruit Tarts

So I really enjoy shopping, any type of shopping excites me and I go crazy if I am in the mood to spend money. The easiest things for me to buy are fruits and snacks. They’re just so easy to grab and go. The colours are usually enticing, flavours exciting and most importantly, if they’re fruits, they are healthy too.

I get shopping crazy sometimes and end up with punnet of fruits in the fridge gone uneaten for days. There’s only so much fruits you can eat without getting sick of them and sometimes, the busy lifestyle gets the better of me and I forget these healthy snacks that are in my fridge.

This weekend, when I opened my fridge I “discovered” week old raspberries and blueberries. They looked very inviting but also expiring, I didn’t want to eat them on their own and didn’t have any yoghurt to go with, so I thought why not whip up some quick sweet pastry tart shells to transform these beauties into tarts!


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Happy Birthday to Me!

So I turned 25 last Friday! To celebrate the occasion, the boyfriend took me out to a nice Japanese restaurant and I made an entremet for myself as a birthday cake! It is no secret that I love Pierre Herme’s Ispahan for its lovely combination of lychee, rose and raspberry so naturally, that was what I attempted making as my birthday cake.

Although I like the flavour combination of Ispahan, I didn’t want to exactly recreate the macaron gateaux itself because I wanted to play around with the flavours and make it into a cake. So I scrambled through my recipe books and decided on the cream, mousse, jelly and sponge combination that I liked and went straight into it!


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Continuining My Homebaking Journey with an Ispahan Inspired Mousse

If you’ve been following me for a while, you probably would have noticed the lack of baking posts lately. That is due to my move to Singapore recently, which meant that I have had no access to any baking equipment or tools since then.

Fortunately, my apartment does have an oven and lately I’ve been itching to create more things at home. My profession is in the baking field but there are things that I want to do that I am not able to make at work. After careful consideration, I finally took the plunge and bought this KitchenAid (Artisan Series) in Empire Red (of course, being my favourite colour).


During the first weekend after I received my mixer, I actually had planned to make two chiffon cakes to test out 2 different recipes. Everything was going well and I was weighing up everything and getting ready for the bake, but as I went to preheat my oven, my electricity got cut off. Turns out there might be some fault with the oven and I will need to get it fixed before I can use it.

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Kki Sweets, Singapore

I was researching on patisseries to visit in Singapore and came across Kki Sweets. Its name Kki means ‘Cake’ in Japanese, such a cute name! You pronounce it as K-Ki. This patisserie is located in SOTA (School of the Arts) on Orchard Road near Dhoby Ghaut MRT station so it was a relatively easy place to find.


This had a white chocolate mousse with a mango filling. The mousse was extremely light and had a nice white chocolate flavour which wasn’t too sweet. The sweet fragrant mango filling complemented the white chocolate mousse very well. This cake was nice and very smooth, the mousse melted in my mouth as it was airy light. Although I wish there was more mango filling, this was still an excellent cake.



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Antoinette (Penhas Road), Singapore

I visited Singapore for apartment hunting a couple of months ago in preparation for the big move. We had some time to spare so we decided to visit Antoinette on Penhas Road for some pastries.

Antoinette came highly recommended by my boss, who is a pastry chef, so naturally I had quite a high expectation for this place and their cakes!

This cake had layers of dark chocolate mousse, caramel bavarois, orange marmalade, hazelnut feulletine and chocolate genoise. Overall this was a great petit gateaux with a great chocolate flavour. The mousse was very smooth, rich and decadent. The hazelnut feulletine added a pleasant crunch and texture. However I would have preferred a stronger orange flavour given the name but I could hardly taste the marmalade.


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Aimé Pâtisserie, Shanghai (Take 2)

Remember this post where I wrote a bit about my purely coincidental visit to Aimé Pâtisserie in Shanghai? Well, I had the chance to revisit recently when I flew back to attend a wedding because we were around that area. I remember my previous review was quite positive with certain items but unfortunately for us, the most recent visit didn’t leave quite an impression for my boyfriend and I.

Given we tried their chocolate cakes, we thought we might give their non-chocolate variety a try and ordered the rose raspberry lychee cheesecake.


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My Top 3 Patisseries in Melbourne (2014)

Melbourne is jam packed with good and great patisseries. Whether you’re just looking for a casual for a catch up with friends over cake and coffee, or whether you’re looking for a place to eat great pastries, it is not difficult at all to find a decent place but here are my picks for Top 3. 🙂

1. La Belle Miette

Morning Tea at La Belle Miette

Morning Tea at La Belle Miette

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Aimé Pâtisserie, Shanghai

Today is the first day of September, which means I’ve left Shanghai approximately 2 months ago. I was only there for 5 months in total, but I would call it my 3rd home now. If not for the environmental & health concerns, I would definitely consider going back for longer term. It is modern, it is a metropolitan, it is fast paced, everything there is efficient and it is international enough (while retaining the fundamental Shanghainese culture).

Visiting Aimé Patisserie was a pure coincidence. My boyfriend and I were just walking around Middle Huai Hai Road in the Xuhui District (near IAPM) on our final full day in Shanghai. When we were about to leave the area for our dinner booking, I noticed this eye catching patisserie that looked really promising (think: clean, white gift box-like shop amongst the colourful shops in that district) and we immediately made a mental note to visit after dinner.

Coolest sign ever

Coolest sign ever

Usually, I walk straight to the display case because it is honestly the only thing that concerns me. However, the renovation of Aimé is so different & refreshing that I was pleasantly surprised everywhere I looked.

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